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Partner Program Terms define the rules of the Affiliate Program operated by the 7 Points company. By joining the Partner Program Partner accepts and agrees to abide by the Program Terms. Partner Program Terms is a legally binding agreement between the Company and a Partner.


Program – affiliate program, described and defined in this document.

Partner – the company joining the Partner Program, which successfully passed the procedure of registration in the System.

Company – 7 Points Ltd., with the office in Warsaw, 36/112b KEN Av., 02-797 Warsaw, Poland, KRS 0000346482, NIP 9512300477, the owner of the surveylab.com and operator of the Partner Program.

Sale – completed, invoiced, and paid sales transactions of the services offered by the Company.

System – surveylab online survey service, available at https://www.surveylab.com

Terms of Use – System Terms of Use available at https://www.surveylab.com/en/terms-of-use/

Customer – an individual, legal entity, or administrative unit that has completed the registration procedure, gained access to the System, and uses the System.


  1. In order to participate in the Partner Program you need to be a legal entity.
  2. Partner prior joining the Program must set up and activate an account in the System.
  3. Partner is obliged to provide correct information to enable contact and settlement of sales commission, in particular: company name, contact name, email, phone, a tax ID (NIP).
  4. After activating an account Partner receives access to the Partner panel with information about the completed sales and commission value.


  1. After activating the account Partner will receive a Partner referral code enabling identification and settlement of sales. Partner is responsible for the proper use of the referral code. In particular, Partner is not allowed to modify the referral code.
  2. For the proper sales registration, cookies support is required to be turned on in a Customer web browser. Commissions from the sale, that can’t be properly identified will not be calculated and paid.
  3. The Company has the right to verify the sale if it was registered in breach of the law or as a result of aggressive sales or marketing activities, including those activities that can be considered as a SPAM.


  1. Participation in the Program is free.
  2. The commission for acquiring a new Customer is 20% of the closed net sale. The commission is granted after the payment is made by the Customer and the money is received by the Company.
  3. The commission is paid at the request of the Partner, after reaching the minimum amount of one-time payment, which amounts to 100 EUR (100 USD, 100 GBP, or 500 PLN).
  4. The commission will be paid to the designated Partner’s bank account or PayPal account within 30 days from the receipt of the request for payment and the correct VAT invoice.
  5. Payment is deducted from the balance of the funds in the Partner account.
  6. The commission will not be calculated for the transaction that :
    • – can’t be properly identified and assigned to the Partner,
    • – have not been paid,
    • – have been canceled by the Customer, or for which the Customer requested a refund,
    • – have not been completed by the Customer.
  7. All applicable taxes and fees resulting from the earning of the commission shall be borne by the Partner.
  8. Commissions don’t sum up with other commissions or benefits granted to the Partner by the Company individually.
  9. The Company has the right to refuse payment of the commission in case of violation of the Partner Program Terms or Polish law.


  1. Each party has the right to terminate the agreement without giving a cause with one month’s notice.
  2. The Company has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract in case of breach of the Program or System Terms, as well as activities or suspected activities to the detriment of the System or the Company, that includes :
        – sends SPAM, it is not-wanted ads via email or social media,
        – provides untrue information about SurveyLab,
        – advertises with phases connected with SurveyLab or MySurveyLab brand.
  3. In the case described in par 5 pt 2 above, all accrued commissions will be lost.


  1. The Company is not responsible for the actions of the Partner.
  2. In any case, the Company, its employees, subcontractors, and suppliers will not be liable for any loss, including loss of profits or other financial benefits resulting from the direct or indirect use of the System.
  3. If one of the provisions of the Program is held to be invalid or impossible to implement under the final judgment of the court, the remaining provisions shall be valid and remain in force.


  1. Partner agrees to the processing of personal data by the Company for the purposes of the Program, on the terms specified in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) [GDPR].
  2. The Partner has the right to inspect his personal data and correct them. The data will not be shared with third parties.


  1. The Program can’t be used in violation of applicable law.
  2. The Company has the right to amend the Program Terms at any time. The new version of the Program Terms will be published on the System website, at https://www.surveylab.com/en/partner-program-terms-of-use/
  3. After the contract termination Partner is entitled to payment of accrued commissions.
  4. Any disputes will be settled by the competent court for the registered office of the Company.
  5. The Program shall enter into force on 18.10.2016

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