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Jakub Wierusz
29 Dec 2023


We are very happy to present you SurveyLab – ... 

Joanna H
24 Jul 2015

How website intercept surveys help optimize customer research

Website intercept surveys in form of widgets, pop-up windows, and questionnaires for website visitors come back! They’re one of the best ways to get insight from your website viewers and collect Voice of the Customer. You may find it hard to believe if you still remember the old and ugly, intrusive pop-ups that made it impossible to navigate through a website. However, the range of possibilities available now for gathering data from your website viewers is far more diverse and user-friendly and their benefits are numerous. Find out why they’re a great idea! 

Jakub Wierusz
11 Jun 2011

We help build safety on the roads

SurveyLab helps build safety on European roads. Take part in a public opinion survey on the quality of life and the problems of road transport. The survey is carried out under the European Project SOL. Your opinions will help to improve road safety and thus to improve the quality of life in your region.

Jakub Wierusz
23 Jan 2009

We are helping Polish Humanitarian Organization

SurveyLab is helping Polish Humanitarian Organization (PHO) and Program “Pajacyk” in pajacyk.pl web service users research. "We want to know who is visiting the most popular charitable site on the Polish Internet – what are their motivations, needs, and opinions" said PHO. Thanks to SurveLab PHO will prepare a comprehensive analysis of pajacyk.pl website and its users. It will provide guidelines for site and program modifications.

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