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Feedback 360 stopni. Zbuduj mocny i zgrany zespół.

One of the most fundamental factors in creating a healthy relationship between people is the ability to communicate. Seemingly, something very obvious, but to this day many companies are struggling with this issue. Speaking about business, in order to develop such a properly functioning company-employee relationship, one should consider, first of all, an appropriate tool and communication channel. Different types of employee evaluation models may be helpful. They are aimed at identifying the employee’s potential as well as areas that require modifications in order to stimulate the development of both competence and skills. These models are usually based on surveys and conversations during which, for example, the employees’ goals or prospects for their further development are evaluated. Nevertheless, often the feedback received during such a conversation turns out to be a little bit poor to plan the future steps in the company. Fortunately, 360-degree feedback fits into this gap.

What does 360-degree feedback actually mean?

360-degree feedback is a widely used tool, which works perfectly while collecting information on employee’s competencies. What is already suggested by the name itself, the element that distinguishes this research is the fact that feedback is received from different perspectives, and hence different areas of the company. Why? Well, not only supervisors take part in the research, but subordinates and co-workers share their thoughts as well. And finally, the self-assessment is taken into consideration. Moreover, this type of research may be divided into, for example, 180 and 270-degree feedback. Thanks to opinions collected through specially prepared surveys, entrepreneurs have a chance to take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of their company. The key element, therefore, is the selection of such questions in the survey, which will correspond to the competence model applied in the company. Such a database will allow you to quickly recalculate the results and compile them in a format that will allow you to create a development plan as soon as possible.

One tool with numerous possibilities

From the very beginning, we have been admonished not to base on only one source of information. This principle also applies in the business world. Opinions obtained from people from all levels of the company allow to create a very reliable picture of the employee, and at the same moment, managers are lucky enough to gain some time when from one study they can winkle out as much valuable content as possible. This approach positively affects the development of group work, i.e. the so-called “team spirit”. Thanks to 360-degree feedback, members of the group make the grade and are strongly motivated to present the finer side of themselves, and as we know, determination in the team is an ideal driver for the expected development of the company. By the same token, the awareness that feedback comes from many units performing various functions in the company, the issue of discrimination on the religious, racial, or gender basis is significantly reduced.

360-degree research requires the involvement of a larger number of respondents to ensure adequate feedback, and hence, specialized IT tools for the efficient implementation of the respondents are necessary. This is when SurveyLab steps in. Our solution has a built-in support module for feedback studies, including 360-degree tests. The system automatically aggregates the results into defined groups and adjusts the content of the survey depending on who is filling it in at the moment. At the same time, the tool ensures maximum flexibility, and therefore, allows you to provide any questionnaire and conduct any type of research.

Pass for changes

Effectively and, above all, with respect to confidentiality, the 360 surveys have opened many new opportunities both for the employee and the employer. Supervisors, along with an essential saving of resources and time, can build a motivated team that will not only improve the quality of work but also change the company’s image. Interestingly, the use of such research has a driving effect. Due to the constant monitoring of changes from different perspectives, they receive feedback that allows them to properly adjust the training program for each employee in a given period of time. In spite of all common opinions about excessive evaluation that do the rounds in the corporate world, employees can also experience some beneficial aspects of this approach. Awareness of what superiors and colleagues think about us is a strong stimulus for a change for the better. It works in the other direction as well – co-workers will care about the complimentary opinion from us, which is why it is the optimal way to create a healthy working environment. And finally, the recommendations received for future professional development will help you choose the right direction for these changes.

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