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Badanie 360 stopni. Jak przeprowadzić badanie.

How to conduct a 360 survey project. We have prepared a complete guide for 360-degree feedback for you. This article will help you successfully prepare and conduct research in your organization in five easy steps.

  1. Set the objective
  2. Define scope and time
  3. Crete questionnaire
  4. Plan communication & collect feedback
  5. Discuss the results

Set the objective

As with any project, you need to define a goal before it begins. Research projects, including those related to 360-degree surveys, are no exception. The scope of the survey itself, data collection and communication method, and even the way you will be using the results depend on the study objective.

Example goals :

  • Help your managers and employees in self-development.
  • Assist your managers and employees in prioritizing development tasks.
  • Help HR department in planning training and development for managers and employees.
NOTE. Do not treat 360 survey as a tool for assessing your managers or employees. It can lead to dishonest answers or even to the fear to participate in the study.

Define scope and time

You have set the survey objective. Excellent. Now estimate the scope and time frame of your project. Decide who will be included in the survey and who will provide feedback. Determine whether you want to collect feedback from every possible perspective or only from selected groups (eg. self-assessment and supervisor). Thanks to its high flexibility, SurveyLab is very well suited to support any type of feedback research, including 90, 180, 270, and 360 degrees.

Sample groups of people that can provide feedback from a different perspective :

  • Self-assessment
  • Manager
  • Peer
  • Direct report
  • Partner / client / supplier

A typical 360-degree survey lasts from 1 to 3 months, depending on the size of the organization, the number of interviews, and the length of the survey.

NOTE. It is good to repeat the 360 survey periodically. We recommend doing it every 6 to 12 months. This way, study participants will be able to find out if they have changed their behavior and attitudes, and whether they have made progress.

Create a questionnaire

If your company has a competency model, use it to create a survey. This way, you will be sure that the attitudes and competencies surveyed relate to the created model and support the company’s strategic goals.

To enable a quick start and speed up your work, we have prepared a 360 survey template. You can easily copy the template to your own account, modify it, and adapt it to your needs.

NOTE. Survey shouldn’t be longer than 15 – 20 min. Long surveys can cause fatigue. Remember that in case of 360 survey respondents will have to complete several surveys (for different people).

Plan communication & collect feedback

Plan communication and engage your employees from the very beginning. This is important. Explain the purpose of the survey and data collection process before the survey starts. Send an email to all people participating in the study and provide an email address where everyone can write and ask questions.

With SurveyLab you can schedule all communication, including invitations (with specific dates) and reminders about the study.

NOTE. Make sure that all collected responses remain anonymous and that this aspect of the survey is well communicated. Only in this way, you will be able to collect honest and reliable responses.

Discuss the results

Use the acquired knowledge to act. The survey results are valuable knowledge for people participating in the study, but also for your organization. Prepare and conduct development meetings with your employees that end with the creation of a personal development plan.

NOTE. Use the lessons learned to improve the 360 assessment process in the future. If you have ideas on how to improve our tool, write to us.

Read and find more insights in the article „Getting 360 Degree Reviews Right”, HBR 2012.

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