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Pulse surveys. Zmierz puls swojej organizacji.

Research conducted by the Gallup Institute shows that 87% of employees do not engage at work. Moreover, many companies are not aware of the problem and its scale. At the same time, companies that have managed to build a committed team significantly outperform their peers, achieving even 147% higher earnings per share.*

Employee engagement is essential for any organization to succeed. Those are not just empty words. IT and medical companies experience that strongly as they compete for the best specialists. Moreover, competition for an employee does not end with the recruitment process. The employee must be kept and motivated. Therefore, it is increasingly important to build organizational culture, loyalty, and employee engagement.

Some companies measure engagement through annual research, but should it really be done only once a year?

The solution is Employee Pulse Survey.

Pulse surveys are short, usually 2 – 3 question-based surveys, run periodically (usually every week or every month). There are also some longer versions, but they should not contain more than 10 questions. Their advantage is that they can be done almost instantly. It is important that the research is anonymous. The goal should be clear and the results easily accessible to all employees. This way you will avoid speculations about the results of the study.

What questions to ask.

Below are some examples of questions that will help you run the first employee pulse survey. The questions should be simple, easy to understand, with a clear response scale. The scale can be numeric (eg. 1 – 5) or descriptive (eg. very satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied).

  • Are you satisfied with your work?
  • Do we achieve our business goals as a team?
  • How do I rate the atmosphere in my team?
  • How do you assess the work-life balance?
  • I feel the work I do is appreciated by my manager.
  • I feel comfortable giving feedback to my manager.
  • I’m constantly learning and developing my skills.
  • Would you recommend your company’s products and services to your friends or family?

It is also important to choose the right tools.

SurveyLab research platform perfectly meets the requirements for employee pulse surveys. The survey can be created in less than 5 minutes. What is important, the answers can be collected in any way, eg. by sending an invitation by email, SMS, or by publishing a questionnaire on the Intranet. After completing a survey, the system can display results immediately.

In addition to the pulse surveys, using SurveyLab, you will be able to conduct employee engagement and satisfaction surveys, eNPS surveys, voice of the employee surveys (VoE), 360 surveys, and even online tests. This way, you gain one source of knowledge for all HR projects and research data in your organization.

* Source: Gallup.com. Research carried out over 30 years, on a group of over 30 million employees worldwide.

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