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Jak stworzyć dobry brief badawczy?

Are you planning market research? You should start your work with a research brief. The research brief describes the objective and outcomes of the research. The better brief you create the more accurate and better quality survey results you will get.

  1. Company description and background
    Start with a company description, market environment, competition, trends, … If you have knowledge from previous research or acquired in any other way you can share it here. This information will help the researcher better understand your needs.
  2. Business objective
    Business objectives should be defined separately to research objectives, e.g. new product market launch. In most cases, it is different to research objective.
  3. Research objective
    Issue we want to solve or questions on which we want to find an answer. While you define research objective it is good to ask yourself questions : What do I want to examine? Why do I want to examine it? What will I achieve thanks to this information?
  4. Methodology preferences
    Some clients have precise expectations regarding research methodology. If you have precise requirements in this area, write about it.
  5. Target group
    If you know what is your target group (e.g. women, age 21 – 34, living in cities with a population above 50k), include this information in the brief. Your target group may be also your own customers or partners (if you have contact information like email, phone)
  6. Timing
    When research should be conducted and when the final report should be delivered.
  7. Budget
    Do you have a dedicated budget for the research or budget constraints? This information can help eliminate some more expensive options at the very beginning.
  8. Deliverables
    Are there any requirements concerning the final report format, e.g. should it be delivered in PowerPoint format, as a Word document, or any other form? Do you need row data to be delivered in Excel or SPSS format?
  9. Contact information
    Contact information (name, surname, email, phone) for people responsible for the research, including preferred or primary contact point.
  10. Additional information
    Any additional information concerning research, e.g. if we are conducting research of retail chain, information if there are specific shops that should be examined.

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