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Integracja z Prestashop

Are you managing an eShop? Do you need to get more insight into your customers’ satisfaction from the purchase process and level of service?

During the purchase process, a customer will usually interact several times with your eShop. Typical touch-points include – order placement, order cancellation, payment confirmation, and shipment confirmation. Each touch point defines a new stage of purchase process that may result in customer’s satisfaction increase or decrease.

SurveyLab and Prestashop integration make the task of measuring customer satisfaction and feedback collection (at any touch point) simple.

Customers can receive an online survey invitation together with automatic email notifications sent to them after certain events in PrestaShop e.g. order confirmation, order cancellation, or shipping confirmation. This way you will be able to measure satisfaction, collect real-time feedback, and link this information to specific stages of purchase process.

Your benefits :

  • real-time customer satisfaction measurement
  • easy integration with PrestaShop
  • ability to link customer identification data with survey results
  • automatic email notifications about completed surveys

To start work with mysurveylab.com you just need to create an online satisfaction questionnaire and modify selected email templates in PrestaShop. You can find out more about the integration in our online help Integration with PrestaShop.

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