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Build successful marketing campaigns with online surveys

Questionnaires are one of the basic tools of marketing specialists. They’re comprehensive and, if skillfully constructed, they easily provide valuable data. DYI online surveys give users the freedom to conduct perfectly customized research on their own. Today we’re bringing you 5 ways to use online questionnaires that will help you build an effective marketing strategy :

Customer satisfaction survey – the key feedback

A satisfied customer is the one who comes back for your product or service and may even recommend it to his friends. That’s why it’s crucial that you know your customer satisfaction level and factors that influence it. Online surveys are an easy way to acquire this knowledge. Ask your customers for their opinions. Many will surely appreciate your concern and share their experience eagerly. Remember, however, to limit the number of questions and keep them clear. Also, make sure that you choose a collection method that is effective and convenient for the respondent – again online questionnaires are a perfect match! You may also want to try out mobile surveys. They help you reach your customers wherever they are and it’s easy for them to give instant answers on their phones or tablets.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – simply to the point

Find out more about your customer loyalty and compare your results with your competition. By using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) you will determine the number of loyal customers, how eager they are to recommend your brand and what’s their ratio to the dissatisfied ones. It’s a simple, effective, and very vivid tool – no wonder it’s so popular. Use it if you want to increase the level of client satisfaction, attract new customers, and reach for a bigger profit.

Market research – expanded offers and successful promotions 

Considering business expansion? Check your clients’ expectations by running market research! The fastest way to do it is by using a DIY online survey tool such as surveylab.com. They are easy to use and help to reduce the cost of external consultants. Moreover, by getting access to online research panels such as  mypanellab.com and Cint you can collect your data from any type of representative group you wish. Just determine your respondents’ profile details in terms of : sex, age, education, hobbies, nationality, and others. The results of this type of survey will let you conduct effective marketing campaigns and expand your offer in accordance with the current market demand.

Attractive webpage based on the feedback from visitors

When searching for a product or service, what do consumers do? Usually, they first turn to a search engine and type in their query or go directly to your homepage, if they’re aware of its existence. This is normally their first and most important touchpoint with your brand – a first impression that determines their purchase decisions. You have to make sure your landing page is clear and attractive for visitors, and that it gives them the information they came for. Remember that your clients often differ in terms of their interests, age, experience, or expectations and their impression of your website does not necessarily coincide with yours. Find out what they think about it! You can use a widget or a pop-up window that easily transfers them to an online questionnaire. The answers will help you create a more user-friendly landing page, show you how to facilitate the sales process, modify product categories, or successfully encourage customers to choose your offer.

Draw conclusions from all your actions

Online surveys are an ideal tool to get feedback at any stage of the promotional activities you conduct! Find out what is the reception of your latest commercial, whether the conference participants enjoyed the event, what the visitors think of your trade show booth (use tokens or QR codes in this case) – learn from all your actions! Develop the most profitable marketing techniques and improve those that fail to bring the expected results.

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