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Wady i zalety ankiet online

We are continuing a series of articles for students. Online forms and surveys are gaining more and more popularity. Are you wondering if you should try to use this research technique? Please find below a quick summary of the advantages and disadvantages of online surveys and questionnaires.

Pros of online surveys

  • Low cost of survey creation and research project in total. Check out SurveyLab subscription prices.
  • Short time needed to collect responses and do data analysis.
  • Dynamic character of surveys, ability to use question logic to improve respondent experience and reduce the time needed to complete a survey.
  • Ability to use multimedia in surveys and forms (audio and video materials).
  • Ability to track survey results and correct questionnaires during data collection process.

Cons of online surveys

  • You can’t make additional explanations or answer respondent questions during research.
  • You can’t control external environment. Noise or other people can distract respondents during survey.
  • Online forms and questionnaires by some people or systems can be treated as SPAM.

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