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Integracja salesMANAGO

Have you ever thought how to measure customer satisfaction from your sales force activity?

Thanks to SurveyLab and salesMANAGO integration this task becomes really simple. You don’t need any IT or technical knowledge to integrate both tools and what is important our solution will allow you to measure satisfaction precisely at a point when client finishes contact with the sales representative.

A common mistake is measuring satisfaction after a certain time from transaction or contact with salesforce e.g. in a moment when we have time to send questionnaire to the customer. In most of such cases client will not remember all contact details, what can impact research results. Moreover, he/she can have low motivation to participate in a survey and in some cases won’t understand why is he/she surveyed. Therefore it is very important to send survey invitation exactly at the moment flowing contact with a salesforce. This approach will have a positive impact both on survey quality and response rate improvement.

One of the advantages of our solution is possibility to automate satisfaction measurement process and ability to link responses with customer details that are stored in salesMANAGO.

What do you get thanks to the integration :

  • automation of satisfaction measurement process.
  • collect opinions precisely on point when client finishes contact with a sales representative.
  • connect your customer identification information from salesMANAGO with satisfaction survey results.

To start work you just need to create survey and create an email message template in salesMANAGO. For more information regarding integration please visit our online support – Integration-with-Salesmanago.com.

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