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If you’re on the hunt for the right survey software, you might be eyeing Survey Monkey.

But, is it the best pick for your wallet?

Whether you’re a pro writer crafting reader surveys or a newbie jotting down ideas, getting the pricing right is key.

In this guide, we’ll unpack Survey Monkey’s pricing.

Simple, clear, and straight to the point – just how you like your information.

Let’s find out if it’s the tool that matches your and your budget’s needs.

What is Survey Monkey?

Survey Monkey's website

Survey Monkey, now also known as Momentive, is an online survey development cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) company. It offers you tools that let you create and run online surveys and polls. The platform is widely used for market research, customer feedback, and other areas. Those areas refer specifically to where collecting and analyzing opinions or data is useful. It’s relatively user-friendly and popular among businesses, researchers, and individuals who need to collect information efficiently.

Survey Monkey features

Before we get down to talking about the price tag, have a look at what the tool offers in particular.

Survey Monkey’s key features include:


Survey Monkey’s survey feature is tailored to meet a variety of data collection needs. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from academic research to customer feedback. The platform offers numerous question types and customization options.

This fact makes the software fairly adaptable for different scenarios (e.g. when you have a writing challenge). Users can craft surveys to gather feedback on written content, gauge interest in writing events, or even conduct market research.


The form creation feature in Survey Monkey is particularly useful for structured data collection tasks such as event registrations.

It allows users to build forms for registering participants for events, workshops, or conferences. These forms can be customized to capture specific information (like attendee details, preferences, or specific requirements)

Market Research

The market research function of Survey Monkey provides features for in-depth analysis and insight gathering. Users can explore market trends, customer behavior, and preferences.

Such a feature can be particularly useful for understanding the market dynamics of specific sectors.

Survey Monkey use cases: polls, registration forms, employee feedback, event feedback, customer satisfaction & more

Roles: marketing, customer experience, product, HR, research

Industries: healthcare, education, technology, government, financial services

These are the main features of Survey Monkey, should you consider using it.

Survey Monkey pricing structure

Survey Monkey pricing

Now, let’s discuss the main topic of this article – the pricing.

Survey Monkey offers a variety of products and solutions. This includes surveys, enterprise tools, integrations, plug-ins, and specialized products.

Here’s an overview:

Team Plans

If you’re working in a team, Survey Monkey has plans tailored to different organizational needs.

For instance, their Team Advantage plan starts at $25 per user per month, billed annually for a minimum of three users.

This one includes features like:

  • fine control over survey sharing,
  • gathering comments,
  • team members analyzing results,
  • and a shared asset library for on-brand surveys, among others.

If you need more, the Team Premier plan, starting at $75 per user per month (also billed annually for at least three users), offers all these features plus additional ones.

Examples include more response capacity, phone support, and advanced survey tools.

These team plans are designed to foster collaboration and efficiency, with discounts available when you sign up for three or more people. This way, you could save around 10% or more compared to individual plans.

Individual Plans

If you’re looking to use the software as an individual, it won’t be a problem.

They’ve got some decent options for personal use.

First up is their Advantage Annual plan. It’s $39 per month. However, you pay for the whole year, which totals $468.

This plan gives you unlimited surveys and questions, up to 15,000 responses a year. You also get some features like custom feedback quizzes and data exports in various formats.

If you need more, there’s the Premier Annual plan at $119 per month ($1 428 annually).

This one bumps up your response limit to 40,000 per year and throws in advanced features like A/B testing and advanced data analysis.

But if you’re not ready for a yearly commitment, they also have a Standard Monthly plan at $99 per month.

This one’s more basic with 1,000 responses per month, but still covers unlimited surveys and questions.

Enterprise Plans

These are the big guns, suitable for larger organizations that need a bit more from their survey tools.

With an enterprise plan, you’re looking at powerful admin tools and dashboards. Those let you manage multiple users and keep a keen eye on all the survey data your team collects.

It’s all about security too, with features like encryption and single sign-on (SSO) to keep your data safe and compliant with big-deal regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. Plus, you get to make your feedback collection super efficient thanks to integrating Survey Monkey with key business systems.

The catch? Pricing for these enterprise plans isn’t one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to reach out to their sales team to get the scoop on costs, tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

Survey Monkey pricing pros

Are these plans good? Well, they do have some advantages:

  1. Variety of plans – Survey Monkey offers a diverse range of plans catering to different user needs, from individual to enterprise levels.
  2. Advanced features in higher plans – higher-tier plans include advanced features like unlimited surveys and questions, advanced data exports, A/B testing, and multilingual surveys.
  3. Discounts on team plans – there are discounts available for team plans, especially when signing up for three or more users. This could be cost-effective for organizations.

Survey Monkey pricing cons

On the other hand, we have some disadvantages you should be aware of.

Those should be particularly of interest if you’re really considering using this solution:

  1. Cost factor – the pricing, particularly for higher-tier plans, can be steep. And that’s especially if you’re a small business or individual user. The annual billing requirement for most plans can also be a significant upfront investment.
  2. Limited responses in lower plans – lower-tier plans have a limited number of responses per month or year. This can be restrictive if you have high survey distribution needs.
  3. Additional costs for more responses – there’s an extra charge for additional responses beyond the plan limits.
  4. Complex pricing structure – the variety of plans, while beneficial for customization, can be confusing and overwhelming if you’re trying to find the best fit for your needs.
  5. Lack of transparency in enterprise pricing – enterprise plan pricing isn’t listed publicly. To find it out, you need to contact sales for quotes. This sounds like a time-consuming process that makes budget planning more challenging, doesn’t it?
  6. Limited features in basic plans – basic or free plans are quite limited in features. This won’t be sufficient for you if you have even slightly advanced survey needs.

Is Survey Monkey worth the price tag? Our answer

Survey Monkey, while a popular choice for survey creation, might not always be the best value for your money.

You see, in the world of online surveys, it’s all about finding that sweet spot between cost and functionality.

Survey Monkey is indeed great, especially with its SurveyMonkey Genius feature that guides you through the process.

However, if you’re looking for this service for just a short period, or if you’re on a tight budget, the price tag might seem a bit steep.

Here’s a thought: have you considered alternatives like SurveyLab?

It’s kind of like finding a hidden gem in a sea of options.

SurveyLab offers better features, often at a more attractive price-value ratio. This means you could get the survey capabilities you need without stretching your budget.

Top Survey Monkey alternative – SurveyLab

SurveyLab - an alternative to Survey Monkey

Going forward, let us tell you why this particular solution might just be the best Survey Monkey alternative out there.

Global leader

First off, SurveyLab is a global leader when it comes to survey tools – it’s incredibly versatile.

Whether you’re into customer experience, human resources, market research, or UX/Digital, SurveyLab has got your back with its one-research-platform-for-different-needs approach.

And talk about integration – it’s like having a personal assistant for your data. It integrates seamlessly with your existing systems like CRM or eShop.


But wait, there’s more.

SurveyLab is a champion of inclusivity with its multi-language questionnaires, supporting even right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

This means you can reach a wider audience effortlessly.

And let’s not forget about our mobile surveys. Whether your audience is on a PC, tablet, or mobile, SurveyLab adjusts your survey perfectly for every device.

Think of it as if you’re having a tech genius in your team that makes sure your surveys look great everywhere.

Stellar support

Now, support – SurveyLab’s dedicated customer support is tailored to your needs.

We aren’t there just to help – we will guide, train, and even provide consulting services for creating forms.

And it’s perfect for businesses of all sizes – from big international corporations to small companies and individual professionals.

Top notch credibility

Lastly, let’s talk about credibility.

Over 85,000 happy customers, including big names, can’t be wrong.

Their satisfaction stories speak volumes.

SurveyLab isn’t just a tool – it’s a partner in your quest for insightful data and better decision-making. It’s easy to use, professional, and all about making your survey journey as smooth as possible.

So, why not give SurveyLab a shot? With its adaptability, integration powers, and exceptional support, it’s more than just an alternative – it’s a game-changer in the world of online surveys.

Browse through all the features of SurveyLab here.

SurveyLab's website

Wrap up

As we wrap up, let’s revisit what we’ve learned about Survey Monkey.

We’ve explored its various pricing plans, from individual options to enterprise solutions.

The key takeaway? Whether Survey Monkey is the right choice for you depends on your specific needs and budget.

It’s key that you consider your survey requirements carefully.

If Survey Monkey aligns with them and fits within your budget, great!

If not, it might be worth looking at alternatives like SurveyLab.

Each tool has its strengths, so choose the one that best supports your survey goals.

Happy surveying!

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