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Mobile questionnaires

Better mobile surveys, better SPSS

SurveyLab 8.3 is ready. We have improved survey results export to SPSS format and mobile surveys display on smartphones and tablets. Read more ...

QR Code surveys

QR code surveys

Do you manage a restaurant, cafe, travel agency, hostel, or hotel? Would you like to measure satisfaction of your customers or collect feedback directly in the place where you deliver your services? We know how to help you. Read more ...

Mobile surveys

Mobile surveys

SurveyLab enters the world of mobile surveys and tests. Mobile device market constantly grows. Morgan Stanley forecasts that the number of people connecting to the Internet using mobile devices in 2014 will exceed number of people using PC computers. We understand how this change is important for online survey software and our clients. Therefore we have optimized all our survey templates for smartphones and tablets. Read more ...

Respondents for market research

How many responses do I need to conduct online survey

Are you introducing a new product on the market? Work on client segmentation? Or maybe you plan important changes for existing products? In all those tasks online survey research can be more than helpful. Read more ...


How to create good CAWI survey

So you are starting work on your first online survey and you wonder how to begin. In the article below you will find a 7-step approach that will show you step-by-step how to conduct your survey on the Internet. Read more ...

Online forms

Better online forms

SurveyLab 8.1 is ready. We are introducing more changes to our online survey tool. This time new functionalities have been created mainly with online forms in mind. Among changes you will find pre-population options, text validation, improved collectors, and new payment methods. Read more ...

Online survey panel

Survey panel and SFTP support

We are happy to announce new 8.0 version of SurveyLab online survey tool. This time in our survey software you will find access to online survey panel and a bunch of small but useful changes and improvements. Read more ...

SUS surveys

System Usability Scale (SUS)

System Usability Scale (SUS) was designed by John Brooke (DEC, UK) in 1986. It was originally created as a "quick and dirty" usability tests on systems like VT100 Terminals. SUS is a 10 item questionnaire with 5 response options (based on the Likert scale). Read more ...

SurveyLab 2012

Thank you for amazing 2012

2012 has just finished. It was exciting year for us that resulted in many new features, integrations and amazing clients. Read more ...

Whitelabel surveys

White-label online surveys

"White-label" term comes from the time of vinyl records. Before a record has been released to the public, phonographic companies distributed promotional record copies to the selected DJs. Those copies have been missing covers and graphical elements. It was made to build hype and gauge public interest by the record labels and ultimately to better estimate manufacturing quantities. Read more ...

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