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Manage contacts

Contacts allow you to send survey invitations directly from SurveyLab and than track responses for each survey. In the Contacts module, you can group, add, delete or edit contacts.


  1. Click on + ADD CONTACT button or use Import contacts button for bulk contacts upload.
    add contact
  2. Select tags to which contacts will be added.
    contact tags

NOTE. Contact email is required.


  1. Select contacts you want to delete. You can select all or only specific contacts.
    delete contacts
  2. Click on DELETE button.
    delete contacts

NOTE. Deleting contact from the list will result in deleting the same contact also from all collectors to which it has been added.


Add contacts to the group - to add contacts to the group please select a tag from the tag list on the left menu and drag and drop it to the selected contact.

Import and Export contacts - please see import / export section.

Search contacts - you can search your contacts using the search field. Just enter a search phrase and then press ENTER.