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Manage contacts

This is your address book. Contacts allow you to send survey invitations directly from SurveyLab and then track responses for each survey. In the Contacts module, you can group, add, delete, or edit contacts.


  1. Click on + ADD CONTACT button.
    Add contact
  2. Select import method.
    Contact options

NOTE. Contact email is required.


  1. Select contacts you want to delete. You can select all or only specific contacts.
    Contacts toolbar
  2. Click on [D] DELETE button.

NOTE. Deleting a contact from the list will result in deleting the same contact also from all collectors to which it has been added. It may impact your data collection. 

Add contacts to the group – to add contacts to the group please select a tag from the tag list on the left menu and drag and drop it to the selected contact.


This feature allows you to manage the contact frequency for your account. The system will automatically control the contacts mailing frequency and will take care not to send too many email invitations to your contact list.

To manage contact policy :

  1. Press [Q] Quarantine button.
  2. Set allowed contact frequency.
  3. Press SAVE button.
Put contact on quarantine after it receives X emailsDefine the number of contacts attempted before contact will be placed on quarantine (1 – 20 days).
Number of days of quarantineDefine the number of days contact will be on quarantine (min. 7 days).

* Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.