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 Automatic Slack message creation

With SurveyLab you can automatically create messages in Slack system, basing on the survey responses. You just need few steps to configure Slack and SurveyLab to work together.



  1. Log into Slack and create API token (
  2. Copy your API token


Account settings

  1. Go to Account Integrations
  2. Enter Slack API token (copied form Slack)

Create metric

  1. Press Design Survey button
  2. Press Metrics button
  3. Press + ADD METRIC button
  4. Define a metric
  5. Set action create a Slack entry and then write a Slack message

You can use the following variables to create a ticket in Slack.

Variable Description
{surveyName} survey name
{firstName} respondent name
{secondName} respondent second name
{email} respondent email
{reportLink} survey report link

NOTE. Remember to set points for each answer choice in your survey eg.:

  • Fully agree (5)
  • Agree (4)
  • Neither agree or disagree (3)
  • Disagree (2)
  • Fully disagree (1)