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 Automatic Slack entry creation

With SurveyLab you can automatically create messages in the Slack system, based on the survey responses. You just need a few steps to configure Slack and SurveyLab to work together.



  1. Log into Slack and create an API token (
  2. Copy your API token.


Account settings

  1. Go to account [S] Settings / Integrations.
  2. Enter Slack API token (copied from Slack).

Create a metric

  1. Press E DESIGN survey button.
  2. Press Metrics button.
  3. Press + ADD METRIC button.
    Add metric
  4. Set up your metric.
  5. Set action create a Slack entry and then edit Slack message.

You can use the following variables to create a Slack entry.

Variable Description
{surveyName} Survey name.
{firstName} Respondent's name.
{lastName} Respondent's last name.
{email} Respondent's email.
{reportLink} Survey report link.

NOTE. Remember to set points for each answer choice in your survey eg.:

  • Fully agree (5)
  • Agree (4)
  • Neither agree nor disagree (3)
  • Disagree (2)
  • Fully disagree (1)

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.