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Groupwork (Multi-user)

With SurveyLab you can work in a team on your surveys and tests. Moreover, you can decide who can do what in a system by granting account users with different roles and access rights. Each user will have his/her own login and role.

Create account

To create a new account :

  1. Go to account S Settings and then Users.
  2. Press + ADD USER button.
    Add user
  3. Enter new user data and press SAVE button.Add user settings

Manage account

To manage account setting :

  1. Go to account Settings and then Users
  2. Press Access button to manage access rights for selected surveys or Role button to manage user role and contact information. Press Delete button to delete user. manage users
  • Click on Access button to manage access to surveys.
    User access rights
  • Click on Role button to edit user data and role.
  • Click on Delete button to delete user.

Available user roles :

  • Administrator. Full control over the system account.
  • Manager. Ability to manage collectors, edit surveys and view reports.
  • Editor. Ability to view reports and edit surveys.
  • Pollster. Take surveys (Mobile app collector) after logging into the system.
  • Viewer. Ability to view reports and surveys.
  • Blocked. Account still exist in the system, but the access is restricted.

The table below summarizes the main privileges for each role.

  Admin Manager Editor Viewer Pollster Blocked
Preview surveys + + + x - -
Create and edit surveys + + + - - -
Create a collector + + - - - -
Take surveys (Mobile app collector) + + + + + -
Preview reports + + + x   -
Share and export results + x - - - -
Add users, edit roles and access rights + - - - - -


NOTE. If you remove user all his surveys will be transferred to the account of the main user. All his dashboards will be deleted.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.