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Set email notifications for your surveys. You can set up instant notifications that will be sent on a certain event or periodic notifications sent in defined time intervals.

In order to set notification :

  1. Go to account [S] Settings tab.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Press + ADD NOTIFICATION button.
    Add notification
  4. Configure notification.
  5. Press SAVE button.

Notification types :

  1. Instant after event. Send after certain event eg. new response collected.
  2. Periodic notification. Send periodically eg. once a month.
  3. Periodic notification (new response collected). Send periodically but only as new responses have been collected for the survey.

Triggers :

Trigger Description
New response New response collected for a survey.
Responses limit (collector) Required number of responses collected.
Response status update Response status changed in the report.
Metric score (response) Metric score for response met a specific condition.
Metric score (survey) Metric score for a survey met a specific condition.

Go to the account settings and set up a time zone first, so your notifications are sent at the right time.

NOTE. You can set up multiple notifications for different surveys or important events on your account.

* Functionality is available in the Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plan.