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Set email notifications for your surveys. You can set up instant notifications that will be sent on a certain event or periodic notifications sent in defined time intervals.

In order to set notification :

  1. Go to account [S] Settings tab.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Press + ADD NOTIFICATION button.
    Add notification
  4. Configure notification.
  5. Turn on the notification.
  6. Press SAVE button.

Notification types :

  1. Instant after event. Send after a certain event eg. a new response is collected.
  2. Periodic notification. Send periodically eg. once a month.
  3. Periodic notification (new response collected). Send periodically but only as new responses have been collected for the survey.

Triggers :

New responseNew response was collected for a survey.
Responses limit (collector)Required number of responses collected.
Response status updateResponse status changed in the report.
Metric score (response)Metric score for response met a specific condition.
Metric score (survey)Metric score for a survey met a specific condition.

Actions :

PushIn app push message.
EmailEmail message.
SlackSlack message.
SMSSMS message.
WebhookWebhook message.
ZendeskZendesk message.

Go to the account settings and set up a time zone first, so your notifications are sent at the right time.

NOTE. You can set up multiple notifications for different surveys or important events on your account.

Smart tags

Smart tags allow you to include dynamic content in the notification e.g. respondent name or report link.

{reportLink}Report link (requires the user to login to view the report).
{detailedReportPublicLinkDetailed}Public individual report link.
{firstName}Name of the respondent.
{firstName}Surname of the respondent.
{email}Email of the respondent.
{phone}Phone of the respondent.
{custom1}Custom 1 of the respondent.
{custom2}Custom 2 of the respondent.
{custom3}Custom 3 of the respondent.
{custom4}Custom 4 of the respondent.
{custom5}Custom 5 of the respondent.
{custom6}Custom 6 of the respondent.
{custom7}Custom 7 of the respondent.
{custom8}Custom 8 of the respondent.
{iso3166}Two letters ISO country code.

NOTE. If you delete a survey, report, or metric connected to the notification, a notification will also be removed from the list.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.