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How to change survey invitation

SurveyLab enables creating and editing survey invitations.

To do this :

    Survey list
  2. Select Email / SMS invitations collector type.
    Email / SMS invitation
  3. Press SAVE button. You will be redirected to the Messages page.
  4. Set the survey distribution method.
  5. Schedule date and time survey invitations will be sent and press EDIT button to change the message body.
  6. You can add the first and the second reminder for your respondents to complete the survey. Remember to ACTIVATE the reminder.
  7. You can also add THANK YOU message for taking the survey. Remember to ACTIVATE the reminder.

NOTE. Reminders will be sent only to the respondents who didn’t take the survey. It means didn’t start the survey, or started it but didn’t finish.

NOTE. “THANK YOU” message will be automatically sent to each respondent who took the survey just as the survey is completed.