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How to customize mini-panel for 360 surveys?

360 Feedback survey uses a mini-panel instead of classic (direct) redirection to the survey. This way respondents can take the survey at a time that is most convenient and control the progress of the assessment.
Mini panel
You can customize the mini-panel by changing a default message and adjusting background colors.

Invitation message

  1. Select survey and press [E]Design button.
  2. Press Languages button.
  3. Select language and press [E] EDIT button.
  4. Edit default message “You have been selected to participate in a feedback survey. To provide feedback press the START button next to the name of the assessed person.”


  1. Go to Design survey.
  2. Go to Theme.
  3. Press Edit button (on the active theme).
  4. Go to Survey presentation pages.
  5. Set Background color.


  1. Go to Collector settings.
  3. Go to the MINI-PANEL section.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.