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First steps

Did you just start your journey with SurveyLab? This article is for you. You will learn how to create a survey, collect responses, and analyze results.


Log in to the system and press + ADD SURVEY button.

Now you can add questions to your survey. Each question has its code number (Q1, Q2, …) that doesn’t change despite the modification you make to the survey. Code numbers are visible only in the survey design. You can modify or move questions anytime.

You can change survey colors, add a logo, and set a redirection page after survey completion.

* If you use an Enterprise account you also will be able to change the URL address of your survey and hide survey footer.


The collector allows you to collect responses. Depending on your needs, you can distribute your survey via a web page (URL), web widget, Facebook, QR code, email sent directly from our system, or from any account (using SMTP protocol), or via SMS. In any case, all responses are saved directly in SurveyLab and available in real-time.

When you have finished work on the survey, press 2. Collect responses button (if you are on the Design survey page)
Collect responses

if you are on the Survey List page, press kolektor COLLECT RESPONSES button and next + ADD COLLECTOR.
Survey list
Add collector

As you created collector activate it. To do it go to the collectors’ list and press [E] ENABLE button.
enable collector

NOTE. For the active collector, some survey editing options will be blocked. This is a security feature that protects your survey integrity. If you want to modify the survey just DISABLE the collector.

Test your survey before the start. You can create a test collector to do it.


Plan your research project. If you send invitations by email define email invitation and then emails with reminders about the research. Messages can be sent by email or SMS.

NOTE. If you need a research sample contact us at email [email protected]. We can provide you access to one of the biggest survey panels on the market with over 250 million panellists in over 150 countries. Most of the sampling projects we can deliver in 2 – 3 days.

Communicate your project before the start. Explain the goal and invite your respondents to the survey.


Press  [R] REPORT button to view survey results. All responses are saved in real-time. Reports are updated as new answers are coming.

NOTE. Remember that if you delete a question from your survey you will also delete this question from the report including all collected responses to the question.

You can also download your survey results in different formats including CSV, MS Excel, SPSS, or PowerPoint.