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Multimedia or text

Descriptive image (.png, .gif, .jpg), video or text. This field can be used for additional comments, explanations, or visualization for your survey.


  • Additional descriptions, instructions, or comments.
  • Pictures or multimedia elements in the survey.


  • Text.
  • Pictures.
  • Video.
  • Audio.


multimedia or description


Descriptive image. You can add a photo, logo, or any illustration to your survey. Additional comments or explanations.

To add this question to your survey :

  1. Select a question from the left menu, and then drag and drop it on your survey project.
    Multimedia or text
  2. Enter description (optional).
  3. Select image or video.
  4. Press SAVE button.

Supported file types

Pictures .jpg, .gif, .png
Audio .mp3
Video .mp4

Please also check the Wiki article on codecs that are supported by different web browsers to provide support for your video.

NOTE. For the starter plan. If you are using vzaar.com copy link marked as video. If you are using wistia.com copy link marked as embed URL.

* Functionality is available in Starter, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plans.