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Yes / No

Yes / No question. Provided answers are presented horizontally. The respondent can select one answer choice from available options.


  • Provide yes / no answer.


You have five question layout options to choose from :

  • Radio buttons
  • Tilts
  • Thumbs up / thumbs down
  • Faces
  • Plus / minus

Yes / No


To add this question to your survey :

  1. Select question from the left menu, and then drag and drop it on your survey project.
    Yes / No
  2. Enter question.
  3. Enter an additional description (optional).
  4. Select presentation type.
  5. Press SAVE button.

NOTE. Do you need to calculate a score for your survey? As you created the survey, please remember to add the metric. You can add multiple metrics for a single survey.

* Functionality is available for the Starter, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plan.