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Create your own online test with SurveyLab. We are happy to introduce a new (12.4.1) version of our survey and test software created for online knowledge tests, competence tests, and quizzes. Thanks to the new functionality you will be able to easily create any test and collect results. With us, you will be able to create assessment tests (product and service knowledge verification) for sales and customer support teams, recruitment tests for new employees, language knowledge tests, or psychological tests.

Researches show that sales representatives are more efficient when their knowledge of products and services is complete and accurate. Systematic knowledge assessment is critical to maintain high efficiency of sales and customer support. At the same time, traditional methods of knowledge verification are inefficient and expensive, especially if your organization has a geographically fragmented structure.

  • Display number of points on test completion
  • Draw questions for survey / test
  • Other corrections and improvements

Display number of points on test completion

Now on the test end, you can display the number of points a test participant has received. Additionally, if a test result is too low you can give test participants another chance to correct the result. Remember to add a number of points at the end of each answer choice. You can do it by entering a semicolon and then a number of points after each answer choice. If you have done it correctly you will see points in brackets (only) on the test design screen.

Draw questions for survey / test

This functionality will allow you to define a number of questions that will be displayed on each page of your survey / test. Thanks to this functionality you will be able to create a question database from which you will draw questions for your test / survey (e.g. draw 5 questions for each page). Additionally, you can mark questions that will be always visible (e.g. instructions, comments, statistical information, or test participant identification information).

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Other corrections and improvements

Additionally, among changes you will find the ability to copy metrics. Ability to hide survey logo for selected devices (PC / Laptop, Tablet, Mobile) and other smaller changes and improvements. We have also corrected our survey templates so they will work better with mobile devices.

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