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Jakub Wierusz
17 Feb 2021

Improved reports and survey logic

We have improved reports and survey logic. In the new version of SurveyLab (26.5.2), you will find radar charts, point-based logic, and improved 360 reports.

Jakub Wierusz
31 Aug 2020

Online test and exams

Remote work and distance learning requires a new approach to communication and new skills development. It also requires a new approach to conducting exams and tests. Online tests are quickly replacing those carried out in a traditional way.

Jakub Wierusz
29 May 2020

New survey reports

We have another package (24.2.4) of changes and new functionalities for you. This time we are excited to present a new report module and many improvements regarding data analysis and visualization.

Jakub Wierusz
12 Mar 2020

New choice question with a search box

Read what has changed in SurveyLab (22.9.5). We have prepared a new type of question for you (choice question with a search box) and we have also improved several system functionalities.

Jakub Wierusz
12 Feb 2020

6 changes in SurveyLab you’ll love

It is time for more changes. We present SurveyLab 22.6.9 and improved functionality related to results filtering, online tests, languages support, and printing of survey reports.

Jakub Wierusz
17 Oct 2016

Create own online tests

Create your own online test with SurveyLab. We are happy to introduce a new (12.4.1) version of our survey and test software created for online knowledge tests, competence tests, and quizzes. Thanks to the new functionality you will be able to easily create any test and collect results. With us you will be able to create assessment tests (product and services knowledge verification) for sales and customer support teams, recruitment tests for new employees, language knowledge tests or psychological tests.

Jakub Wierusz
11 Jan 2013

System Usability Scale (SUS)

System Usability Scale (SUS) was designed by John Brooke (DEC, UK) in 1986. It was originally created as a "quick and dirty" usability tests on systems like VT100 Terminals. SUS is a 10 item questionnaire with 5 response options (based on the Likert scale).

Jakub Wierusz
15 Jun 2012

Best online survey tool

Are you searching for the best online survey tool? You found the right one – it is SurveyLab. You will love our easy-to-use survey software, multi-language surveys, branding, results export, and great user support.

Jakub Wierusz
25 Sep 2010

Better security and online tests

SurveyLab 2.5 is ready. With our new online survey software version, you will get enhanced security (HTTPS / SSL) and more features for online tests.

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