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Remote work and distance learning require a new approach to communication and new skills development. It also requires a new approach to conducting exams and tests. Online tests are quickly replacing those carried out in a traditional way. They have many advantages, the results are available immediately and the test itself can be completed anywhere. However, they also come with a security and anti-fraud challenge.

Find out how to conduct online professional exams and tests. Learn what is important in online test maker software.

Flexible question types

An important element is the ability to select proper questions, scores, and weights. This way you will be able to build and customize your test, exam, or online training.

SurveyLab provides the following types of test questions :

  • Single-choice questions
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Matrix question
  • Open-ended questions
  • Descriptive, graphic, and video elements

Conducting a test

In most cases, you will have no control over the environment, and the device type a test will be run. Therefore, it is important that your tests are fully responsive. In other words, they should automatically adapt to any type of device and screen size.

Available test distribution methods :

  • Sending an invitation by email / SMS.
  • Publication of the test on the website.


When organizing an online test or exam, you should not only ensure data security but also prevent cheating. Some people will probably try to improve their scores by looking for answers on the Internet or by asking a friend for help. This can be countered.

How we ensure security and test quality :

  • Secure connection with SSL / HTTPS encryption.
  • Ability to block ranges or selected IP addresses.
  • Secure the test with tokens or password.
  • Set up a time limit for completing the test.
  • Set up test end date. Limit the time during which the test is available.
  • Turn off the possibility of returning to the previous page.
  • Randomization of pages, questions, and answer choices.

SurveyLab is much more than online tests. With the help of our tool, you will also be able to prepare surveys or forms. Check out our other articles and learn more. Create a free account and try the system’s capabilities yourself.

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