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Survey list

Survey list is a first page you will see as you will sing into SurveyLab. You will find here the list of your surveys. You can sort them or check the number of collected responses. You will also have easy access to survey design and collector creation options.

To add a new survey just press + ADD SURVEY button.

Design survey :

  1. Select survey and click on Design button to edit survey.
    design survey
  2. For more information about survey design description visit Design Survey section.

NOTE. Please disable all active collectors for a survey to start survey design.

Collect responses :

  1. Click on Collectors button to add collector and start response collection.
  2. For more information about collectors visit Collect Responses section

Data analysis :

  1. Click on Report button to open survey report and analyze results.
  2. For more information about reports, visit Analyze Results section.

Delete survey :

  1. Click on Delete button to delete survey. If there are active collectors close them first.
    delete survey
  2. Click on OK button to confirm an action.