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Survey list

Survey list is the first page you will see as you sign into SurveyLab. You will find here the list of your surveys. You can sort them or check the number of collected responses. You will also have easy access to survey design and collector creation options.

Design :

  1. Press + ADD SURVEY button to create a new survey.
    Add survey
  2. Select survey and press E DESIGN button to edit survey.
    Survey list

You can use tags to group your surveys. A single survey can have several tags eg. HR, Employee Experience. This way you will be able to quickly find any survey on your list.

Add tag to the survey :

  1. Select tag from the list (left menu).
    Tag list
  2. Drag and drop the tag on the survey.
    Survey list and tag

NOTE. You need to disable all active collectors for a survey to start survey design. This is a security mechanism to prevent accidental survey changes during data collection.

Collect responses :

  1. Press [C] COLLECT RESPONSES button to add collector and start response collection.
  2. For more information about collectors visit Collector types article.

Report :

  1. Press R REPORT button to open survey report and analyze results.
  2. For more information about reports, visit Analyze results section.

Copy :

  1. Press MOREC COPY button to create an exact copy of the survey.

Delete :

  1. PressMORED DELETE button to delete survey. If there are active collectors close them first.
  2. Press OK button to confirm the action.

NOTE. By deleting the survey you are also deleting survey report and all collected responses. This action can’t be reversed.