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Export results

The export function allows you to download data in a selected format. The system provides both aggregated data formats and row data (each response provided in a separate line).

In order to export survey results :

  1. Press [D] Download button.
  2. Select the format for the data export.
    Export data

You can download data in the following formats :

Format Min subscription plan Comments
.csv Starter Comma Separated Values. Text file where values are separated with comma or semicolon.
.xlsx Advanced MS Excel file (version 2007 and newer).
.por Advanced SPSS file.
.sav Advanced SPSS file.
.pptx Professional MS PowerPoint file. 
.pdf Professional PDF.

NOTE. Export files are updated in real-time or in time intervals that depend on the report size :

report below 1000 responses     - in a real-time
reports 1001 - 5000 responses   - every 3 hours
reports 5001 - 50000 responses - every 6 hours
reports over 50001 responses    - every 24 hours


MS Excel limitations

Old MS Excel versions can have problems with the import of long surveys. Excel 2003 and older versions have a limitation of 256 columns.

  1. Excel 97, 2000, 2003 (file extension .xls), 65.536 rows, 256 columns.
  2. Excel 2007, 2010 or later (file extension .xlsx), 1.048.576 rows, 16.384 columns.

NOTE. Each zip exported from SurveyLab contain flatten files, it means that the file doesn't contain ENTER characters which may cause problems with proper data import into MS Excel or SPSS.

Depending on Account Settings, data in export files can have one of the following formats  DD-MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD, where DD - means day, MM - month, and YYYY - year.

* Data export option will be different for each subscription plan.