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User attributes

This functionality allows you to automatically update survey with any data that is coming from other tools or systems (eg. CRM, e-shop, online chat). You can transfer multiple information with a single link.

URL structure

User attributes

https://www.surveylab.com/pageTag/SurveyCampaign/cId/[COLLECTOR ID]/?custom1=[CUSTOM1]

https://www.surveylab.com/pageTag/SurveyCampaign/cId/[COLLECTOR ID]/?referrer=[REFERRER DATA]&custom1=[CUSTOM1]

Available parameters

All parameters, except cId, are optional.

Parameter Example Description
cId /?cId=[COLLECTOR ID]  Required. Collector ID. Included in the survey link.
referrer /?referrer=[REFERRER DATA]  Optional. The Referrer can contain any data or information.
email /?email=[EMAIL]  Optional. Email.
phone /?phone=[PHONE]  Optional. Phone.
firstName /?firstName=[NAME]  Optional. Name.
lastName /?lastName=[SURNAME]  Optional. Surname.
language /?language=[SURVEY LANGUAGE]  Optional. Survey language in two-letter ISO format.
custom1 / c1 /?custom1=[CUSTOM1]  Optional. Custom information 1.
custom2 / c2 /?custom2=[CUSTOM2]  Optional. Custom information 2.
custom3 / c3 /?custom3=[CUSTOM3]  Optional. Custom information 3.
custom4 / c4 /?custom4=[CUSTOM3]  Optional. Custom information 4.
custom5 / c5 /?custom5=[CUSTOM3]  Optional. Custom information 5.
custom6 / c6 /?custom6=[CUSTOM3]  Optional. Custom information 6.
custom7 / c7 /?custom7=[CUSTOM3]  Optional. Custom information 7.
custom8 / c8 /?custom8=[CUSTOM8]  Optional. Custom information 8.



Added data is available in survey reports export files (detailed report, all formats).

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.