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360 feedback

This method allows you to send survey invitations directly from the system via Email or SMS. Each survey invitation has a unique token that allows you to track and identify responses.
In order to set up and send survey invitations :


  1. Press + ADD COLLECTOR button to add a new collector.
  2. Select 360 feedback collector type and press SAVE button.


  1. Go to the Invitations tab and press EDIT button to edit the survey invitation message.
  2. [Optionaly] Add survey reminders and activate them.


  1. Go to the Respondents tab and press + ADD CONTACTS button to add respondents.
  2. Select Import file method and upload a file with contacts.
  3. Press Collecting responses /  Collector inactive button.

Project statuses

Category Description
Total contacts Number of people that participate in the project.
Invitations Number of invitations.
Sent Number of sent survey invitations.
Started Number of started surveys.
Opt-out Number of opt-outs.
Errors Send out errors.
Completed Completed responses.

Survey invitations will be sent according to the Invitations settings.

* Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.