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360 feedback

This method allows you to send survey invitations directly from the system via Email or SMS. Each survey invitation has a unique token that allows you to track and identify responses.
In order to set up and send survey invitations :


  1. Press + ADD COLLECTOR button to add a new collector.
  2. Select 360 feedback collector type and press SAVE button.


  1. Go to the Invitations tab and press EDIT button to edit the survey invitation message.
  2. [Optionaly] Add survey reminders and activate them.


  1. Go to the Respondents tab and press + ADD CONTACTS button to add respondents.
  2. Select Import file method and upload a file with contacts.
  3. Press Collecting responses /  Collector inactive button.

Responses statuses

Total contactsNumber of people that participate in the project.
InvitationsNumber of invitations.
SentNumber of sent survey invitations.
StartedNumber of started surveys.
Opt-outNumber of opt-outs.
ErrorsSend out errors.
CompletedCompleted responses.

Survey invitations will be sent according to the Invitations settings.

* Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.