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How can I enable retaking the test for people who have failed it?

You can display the score at the end of the test and allow people who receive a negative result to retake the test.

To configure the test and collector :


  1. Add a score to the answer options.

    NOTE. Based on the points provided, the system calculates the test result. For multiple-choice questions, you can set the Count points if all correct answers are selected option. If the meter presents a value in percentage, set for such a question the sum of all points possible to obtain in the question.
  2. Add a meter and set the number of points passing the test.

    NOTE. Depending on the method of presenting the meter result, you must provide the number of points or the percentage passing the test. Read more about meters and methods of calculating the result.
  3. Add survey language.

    NOTE. In the COLLECTOR tab, you can edit the messages that the test participant will see after completing the test. Separate messages for passed and failed tests.


  1. Press the + ADD COLLECTOR button or edit an existing collector.
  2. Set the option After survey completion: Show report: Result.
  3. In advanced settings, set the Single respondent / multiple responses option
    NOTE. Setting this option will result in a button being displayed at the end allowing someone who did not score enough points to retake the test.
  4. Press the SAVE button.
  5. Press the Collector inactive button to turn the collector on.
  6. Copy the collector link and send it to test participants.

star The functionality is available for Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise accounts.