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Zapier. Integration with Traffit. Send email on the event.

Thanks to this integration, you can send a survey created in SurveyLab after a specific event in Traffit, eg. Candidate Hired or Candidate Rejected.



Set up an event in Traffit that will trigger the specified action eg. Candidate Hired or Candidate Rejected.

  1. Log into Zapier.
  2. Press Create Zap button.
  3. Select TRAFFIT as App Event.
  4. Select Candidate Hired as Trigger Event.
    Kandydat zatrudniony
  5. Press Continue button.
  6. Log into your Traffit account.


Set the Add Contact action to be performed in SurveyLab. Adding a contact to the collector will automatically send an invitation to complete the survey to the candidate.

  1. Select SurveyLab as App Event.
  2. Select Add Contact as Action Event.
    Dodaj kontakt
  3. Press Continue button.
  4. Enter API token (copied from SurveyLab / Account settings / Integrations).
    Zapier API token
  5. Press Yes, Continue button.

Set up action

Create or select a collector (type Email / SMS Invitation) and decide which data will be transferred from Traffit.

  1. Create or select collector (Email / SMS invitation type)
    360 Feedback
  2. Przejdź do ustawień kolektora i skopiuj Collector ID.
    ID kolektora
  3. Enter Collector ID (copied from SurveyLab / Collector settings)
  4. Select the email field and optionally other information (First Name, Last Name, Custom fields) that you want to transfer from Traffit to SurveyLab.
  5. Press Continue button.

NOTES. This type of integration requires the creation / use of an Email / SMS Invitation collector.

Test action

Test your integration.

  1. Press Test & Continue button.
  2. Press Turn on Zap button.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.