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Carry forward

Carry forward question type allows you to dynamically build a new question with a list of answer choices that are based on the other (source) question.

carry forward


  • Provide a list of answer choices.
  • Broaden knowledge on a certain subject.


You have two question behaviour options to choose from :

  • Forward selected answer choices.
  • Forward unselected answer choices.


Source question

Carry forward question
Forwarded question
Carry forward question


To add this question to your survey :

  1. Select question from the left menu, and then drag and drop it on your survey project.
    Carry forward
  2. Enter question.
  3. Enter additional description (optional).
  4. Select source question. The source question needs to be placed on a previous page.
  5. Press SAVE button.

NOTE. Carry-forward question can work on the same or on different pages (where the source question is placed on the page before a forwarded question).

* This functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.