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Ranking question. Allows to rank answer choices according to respondent preferences. The respondent can drag & drop question elements to create order or use a drop list with numbers.


  • Rank elements on a scale.

Ranking question example


To add this question to your survey : 

  1. Select Ranking question from the left menu, and then drag and drop it on your survey project.
  2. Enter question.
  3. Enter additional description (optional).
  4. Enter the answer choices. Each answer choice should be entered on a separate line.
  5. Press SAVE button.

Average ranking position is calculated using a formula :

x1w1 + x2w2 + x3w3 + … + xnwn
 Total response count

x = number of answers provided for answer choice
w = weight in the ranking (e.g. on a scale 1 – 5 , #1 choice = weight 5, #2 choice = weight 4, #4 choice = weight 3, #4 choice = weight 2, #5 choice = weight 1)

NOTE. This type of question is now working with email embedded surveys and metrics.

* This feature is available in the Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plan.