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There are plenty of options for conducting an online straw poll.

Among these, StrawPoll stands out as a notable option. 

But is it the best choice for your quick straw ballot needs? 

Let’s see what StrawPoll is and explore whether there might be better alternatives out there.

What is StrawPoll?

StrawPoll is an online tool designed to create and share polls with ease. It’s a straightforward platform that helps users gather public opinion on various topics quickly.

The simplicity of StrawPoll makes it a popular choice for those seeking to conduct an informal or unofficial vote, often referred to as a “straw poll” or “straw vote.”

People use it to know what’s the majority opinion on a matter. It’s used by politicians in a presidential election, in meetings, when voting with delegates, or just a casual conversation with answers among friends.

Key features of StrawPoll

Its features are a reason why people decide to use this tool. There are quite a few use ones. For example:

#1 Ease of use – creating straw polls is quick and intuitive.

#2 Anonymity options – voters can participate without revealing their identity.

#3 Multiple question types – supports various question formats for diverse needs.

#4 Real-time results – immediate visibility of poll results as votes are cast.

#5 Customizable settings – offers options to tailor the poll according to specific requirements.

The features make StrawPoll an appealing option. But it’s always good to consider the tool in a balanced light. That’s why we’re getting you a few reviews and cons so you can see the full picture of the platform.

Why should you look for alternatives?

Drawbacks of StrawPoll:

#1 Limited customization – for more complex polling needs, StrawPoll’s simplicity might be a limitation.

#2 Unscientific approach – the results from StrawPoll are not scientifically valid, which might not represent the true opinion of a larger, more diverse population.

#3 Security concerns – there are occasional concerns about the security and reliability of online straw polls.

Popular opinion – user reviews point out:

#4 Vulnerability to manipulation – some users have noted that the polls can be easily manipulated, affecting the authenticity of the results.

#5 Lack of advanced features – for those requiring detailed analytics and more sophisticated polling mechanisms (follow up questions, popular categories, interim results on candidates), StrawPoll might fall short.

Other options and tools might use more scientific polling ways to make sure the results truly show what the group thinks. StrawPoll is easy and good for fast, informal polls, but it’s not as good when you need deeper and more reliable results

👉🏻 Look for other tools with more advanced features and more scientific polling methods.

SurveyLab – best alternative to StrawPoll

Meet SurveyLab, a robust alternative to StrawPoll 💪🏻

Surveylab's website

What is SurveyLab?

SurveyLab is an advanced online survey tool with extensive features for creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

Key features of SurveyLab

They are also praised by users in the reviews:

📱 Diverse question types – supports a wide range of question formats, catering to various survey needs.

📊 Advanced analytics – provides detailed insights and analysis of survey results.

🧍 Customizable surveys – offers extensive options for personalizing surveys to match specific requirements.

🌎 Multi-language support – facilitates the creation of surveys in multiple languages, ideal for international audiences.

🛠️ Integration capabilities — integrates with other tools and platforms for better functionality.

Pros of SurveyLab

Here’s what makes the tool stand out from competitors:

  • User-friendly design makes setting up and running surveys simple.
  • Immediate access to survey results as they’re submitted.
  • Privacy and safety of survey data.
  • Mobile-optimization and easy response from anywhere.

On top of that, it works well for surveys of any size, whether small groups or large populations.

User reviews

It’s the best source if you want to see the pros and cons of a tool. Read what users think about SurveyLab:

  1. “I use SurveyLab very frequently it is intuitive and easy to learn, integrate and implement even for those with no experience in survey design.” – Research analyst (source: G2).
  2. “The ability to collect quick and sometimes continuous feedback from a more comprehensive team is why SurveyLab has been adopted in my organization. This tool makes the act of collecting surveys efficient.” – Information technology support specialist (source: G2).
  3. “The on-demand integration with any CRM is really great for producing surveys more effectively.” – Digital marketing specialist (source: G2).

Best for:

You can use it in any way you want. But these are the proven use cases:

  • Market research – deal for businesses conducting detailed market analysis.
  • Academic research – suitable for researchers needing diverse question types and robust data analysis.
  • Customer feedback – perfect for companies to gather customer opinions and experiences.
  • Employee surveys – great for HR departments to assess employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Event planning – useful for organizers hoping to get quick feedback from large groups of attendees.
Surveylab's features


SurveyLab offers competitive pricing with various plans to suit different needs.

You can start with forever forever-free plan or start at $49 with more solid capabilities, which you can upgrade anytime you need.

Yearly plans are good for saving money on long-term surveys, making it easy on the budget to keep collecting feedback.

Other alternatives to StrawPoll

Before committing, check their features, pricing, and limitations. 

#1 Jotform 

While highly customizable, Jotform can be overwhelming for users seeking simplicity, and its free version is quite limited in terms of features and responses.

#2 Typeform

Typeform‘s unique conversational style, though engaging, might not suit all types of surveys and can be less straightforward for more traditional data collection needs.

#3 SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey, despite its many features, can be expensive for small businesses or individuals, and its extensive functionality might be more than what’s needed for simple polls.

#4 Google Forms 

Google Forms is very basic and lacks advanced analytics and customization options. It makes it less suitable for complex survey requirements and professional data analysis.

Create your straw vote today!

StrawPoll is a decent tool, but you can always do better. 

Sign up to SurveyLab to create a straw poll in no time. You can start for free, or choose among the plans for more features. 

Make the whole polling process fun and easy.

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