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AI Surveys

AI Surveys

Artificial intelligence and large language models are changing the way we work. They improve the work of programmers, graphic designers, translators, and support departments. We have implemented Chat GPT-4 to make it easy to translate your surveys into any language. Read more ...

The Pitfalls of Using Double Barreled Questions in Customer Feedback Surveys

The Pitfalls of Using Double Barreled Questions in Customer Feedback Surveys

What are double-barreled questions, when to avoid them, and when to use them? Read our guide! Read more ...

Survey dashboards

Surveys & dashboards for retail networks

SurveyLab 32.3.4 takes reporting and data comparison to a new level. This time, we focused on reporting for organizations with many branches or extended organizational structures. Read more ...

Google drive

Enhanced Teamwork and Google Drive Integration

Teamwork has never been so easy. We have also added integration with Google Drive and introduced many small fixes and improvements. A new version (32.0.4) of SurveyLab surveys and tests is now available. Read more ...

Cross tab reports

New cross-tabs and better data analysis

The new version of SurveyLab (31.3.4) is ready. This time we give you an updated API, new cross-tab reports, and improved piping. Read more ...

Surveys and tests for universities

Surveys and tests for Universities

You need 1000 users. No problem. We have implemented a solution that allows you to manage a large number of accounts and takes care of users' privacy. Meet SurveyLab 31.1.3 Read more ...

Multi-language surveys

Survey tool improvements

New main system font, New API, New functionalities. We are happy to introduce new updates to the best online survey and test tool - SurveyLab (30.9.5). Read more ...

Gallup Q12 survey

Gallup Q12 Questions | The most famous engagement survey

Q12 survey consists of twelve questions. You might say that this is a small number when we think about such a multidimensional issue as employee engagement. However, Q12 survey includes decades of research in this area involving employees of organizations from around the world. Read more ...

10 tricks for online surveys

10 tricks to help you build better surveys

We have prepared 10 tricks and tips that will help you build even better online surveys, questionnaires, forms and tests. Read more ...

360 Surveys

Custom 360 feedback surveys

September is the month when we go back to school and work. This month, we've got more updates for 360-degree surveys and reports. We are happy to present SurveyLab version 30.6.6. Read more ...

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