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What’s really on your customers’ minds?

Getting the answer to that question is what online businesses strive for. 

The fix may be within your reach!

Let us help you choose the right customer satisfaction survey software for your online business. 

Learn how these tools get you to understand customer sentiment, lower customer churn, and finally get a hint of what to do to boost overall customer satisfaction.

What is customer satisfaction survey software?

Customer satisfaction survey software is a tool for businesses to gather feedback. The software lets companies make, send, and analyze surveys easily and quickly. It helps understand consumers and makes every customer satisfaction survey tool invaluable for bettering services.

Key features to be on the lookout for

Customer satisfaction survey tools tend to have plenty of nice-to-have capabilities, and you may not need to use all of them. However, there are some  must-haves every tool should have:

01 Easy to use so you can set things up without a hassle

Creating a survey feels like a breeze with easy-to-use survey tools. You get to pick from customizable survey templates that fit just right for your project.

Also, your customers get a smooth ride too, when filling it in. No confusion, just straight into sharing their thoughts. You get more honest feedback, more responses, and a real shot at boosting customer satisfaction.

02 Works on phones and computers so everyone can use it

The beauty of a survey tool that works on both phones and computers is its reach. Everyone can use it, wherever they are. 

You get to distribute surveys far and wide to collect customer feedback from all corners. Then, you give customers the convenience to share their thoughts through in-app surveys or web-based ones. And with such flexibility, survey responses pour in from every type of device. You don’t miss out on actionable insights just because someone prefers one screen over another. 

03 Easy to change the look to fit your style 

Give your customer surveys a personal touch and watch the magic happen. Dress them up in your style and set the stage for honest customer feedback. 

You know what you need to know – about service quality, customer expectations, or their overall experience. Consider the factors, and keep it simple, make it look good, and watch the honest feedback roll in. It’s your style, your survey, and your way to really understand service quality.

04 Satisfaction survey can be sent through multiple channels: email, social media, app

A versatility like this lets you meet your customers where they are and makes it super easy for them to share their thoughts. Every response is a step towards understanding what your customers love and what you can do better. Use this feedback to improve customer satisfaction. 

05 Clear charts and graphs are provided

Simple visuals help you measure customer satisfaction without any fuss. You see the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Charts and graphs let you spot where you shine and where you can do better. Use also other customer satisfaction metrics like CSI to enhance customer satisfaction and keep your customers smiling!

06 There are integrations with your other business tools to keep everything in one place

Make everything stay in one place – your customer experience platform and other business tools should be integrated, then. The setup simplifies data analysis and gives you a complete view of your customer data without jumping between apps. 

You have more time to focus on what matters – understanding and perfecting the customer journey.

How to choose the best customer satisfaction software?

If you don’t know how to start, follow our tips:

✔️ Figure out what your needs are

Think about what you really want from customer satisfaction software solutions. Do you want to measure customer satisfaction in a simple way? Maybe you’re curious about your customer satisfaction score? 

Consider your customer base, first. Are they young, people who are updated on technology, or do they prefer straightforward, traditional methods? 

Do the research, and then pick the right tool. Sure, the goal is to boost customer satisfaction, but the first step is knowing what works best for your business and respondents.

✔️ Go through the features

Each customer satisfaction survey tool has different capabilities, even if they seem the same or similar. Some have advanced survey logic that lets you ask smarter questions based on previous answers. 

Others might come with various survey templates to get you started quickly. And don’t forget to check out CSAT survey tools for measuring customer satisfaction directly. 

✔️ Read the reviews

See what others say about the best customer satisfaction software. Look for comments about how well the software handles customer feedback surveys. 

Are people mentioning improvements in service quality? How about the impact on their online reputation or customer success stories? 

Reviews can give you a real sense of how the software works in the real world and if it’s the right fit for your business.

✔️ Sign up for free trials to try it out 

A free trial lets you test drive the customer satisfaction platform. It’s your chance to create straightforward surveys and send them out without any commitment. 

See for yourself how the platform feels. Is it just a survey tool, or does it provide more to learn about your customers? Use this opportunity to explore every feature, ask questions, and see if it fits your way of doing things.

✔️ Check up on the analytics and feedback collection options

Good software should turn your survey data into actionable insights. See if it offers sentiment analysis to catch the tone of customer feedback or predictive analytics to foresee trends. 

You can drill down into customer insights, not just numbers. You want a tool that helps you understand the story behind the data that guides your next steps and decisions, right?

✔️ Check out what other options are available to compare

If you’re an online business where customer feedback is gold, it’s wise to see what’s out there. 

Look around at different customer satisfaction software to find the best customer satisfaction tool for your needs. Compare features of other customer survey software, in particular for CSAT surveys.

Maybe there’s a better platform waiting for you.

✔️ Look into customer support, see how fast and helpful they are

Check how fast and helpful they are. Good customer support can enhance your customer experience with the software. See if they offer real-time feedback when you run into issues or need guidance. To find this info you might want to visit some review pages like Capterra or G2.

Strong support from the software provider is key to maintaining customer loyalty to your business. You want a team that’s ready to help, so you get the most out of your customer satisfaction tool.

✔️ Find out if it’s easy to export or share your survey results

When you collect feedback, you need to turn it into actionable one. Check if: 

  • the software lets you handle all your data with ease,
  • you can download survey responses smoothly,
  • sharing your findings straightforward (especially when you need to discuss response rates and valuable insights with your team) 

The right tool should make every step, from collecting to sharing actionable feedback, a hassle-free process.

Best 5 customer satisfaction survey software to select from

Send surveys with ease using the best customer satisfaction software. See what makes them stand out, and what challenges you may face.

#1 SurveyLab

SurveyLab is great for creating surveys and getting insights. It’s really flexible and has a lot of smart features. You can make surveys in many languages, and it looks good on any device.

SurveyLab - a tool that helps collect feedback and boost customer experience

What makes the tool stand out:

  • Smart survey logic
  • Detailed reports and analysis
  • Supports many languages
  • High customization options
  • Smooth integration with other tools
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Scales well for small or big businesses

Useful reviews:

  1. “Offers plenty of advanced features but still feels simple without unnecessary bloat and the real-time results are terrific.” – G2 review.
  2. “I loved that the survey platform has such good cross-examination data mining tools. I really allowed you to dive into the data to mine out what was really important.” – G2 review.
  3. “The surveys can be created easily and quickly. It provides good data analysis for the responses to the survey.” – G2 review.

#2 Jotforms

It is an adaptable online tool for easy and flexible data collection. Jotform is suitable for both companies and individuals.

Jotforms for gathering customer satisfaction surveys

What makes the tool stand out:

  • Customizable form templates
  • Integration with multiple platforms
  • Conditional logic for dynamic form updates


  • Free plan is limited, so it’s hard to match your brand or needs.
  • Costs might be too high for small businesses that need more features.
  • Starter plan limits how many answers you can get, which may not be enough as your business grows.
  • You can’t upload big files, and if you need to collect large images or videos, it might be problematic.
  • Simple reports might not be enough for a deep look into your data.
  • The setup can be tricky if you’re not used to coding​​.

#3 Typeform

With this tool, you can create interactive and visually appealing forms. Typeform is user-friendly but has some flaws.

Typeform - customer satisfaction software

What makes the tool stand out:

  • Interactive design
  • Customizable templates
  • Integration options


  • Higher-tier plans required for robust features
  • Limited question formats
  • Design-focused at the expense of functionality
  • It takes a lot of practice to master advanced features
  • The free plan has limitations in features and access

#4 Google Form Maker

Google Form Maker, part of Google Workspace, is known for its easy integration with Google Sheets. It’s widely used for surveys, quizzes, and RSVPs. But, it’s quite limited if you want to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.

Google Form Maker to measure customer satisfaction

What makes the tool stand out:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Integration with Google Workspace
  • Real-time response data analysis


  • Limited customization and design options.
  • Basic analytical tools.
  • Integration limitations with non-Google tools.
  • Advanced features are limited for intricate survey designs.
  • Concerns over data privacy in sensitive information handling.

#5 Survey Monkey

It’s quite popular for market research, gathering customer feedback, and more. Survey Monkey is user-friendly and offers a range of question types and customization options.

Survey Monkey - customer satisfaction software

What makes the tool stand out:

  • Many survey-creation options
  • Market research capabilities
  • Customizable forms for event registrations


  • The pricing for higher-tier plans, can be quite pricey for small businesses or individuals.
  • Lower-tier plans have a limited number of responses.
  • The complex pricing structure might be overwhelming when finding the best fit.
  • The lack of transparency in enterprise pricing can make budget planning challenging.
  • Basic plans offer limited features, which may not suffice for advanced survey needs​​.

Key takeaways

  • Pick a customer satisfaction survey tool that’s easy to use and makes setting up online surveys quick.
  • Ensure the tool works well on both phones and computers for wider reach.
  • Look for tools to customize surveys to fit your style and brand.
  • Choose a tool that can send customer satisfaction surveys through many channels for better customer engagement.
  • Go for tools that provide clear charts and graphs to easily understand customer feedback.
  • Find a tool that integrates well with your other business tools for a smoother workflow.
  • Consider customer segmentation features to tailor surveys and understand different customer experiences better.


Choose your customer satisfaction survey tool and turn unhappy customers into happy one, your business will thank you later.

 Remember, a good tool lets you both collect feedback and it also provides insights to grow and succeed. Still hesitant about what software to choose?

SurveyLab is a great pick – it’s got many features, and it’s budget-friendly. Besides, the reviews say it all. Start your free trial today.

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