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Nowadays, it’s even hard to picture spending countless hours combing through survey data, trying to find insights, without any tool to help. Survey software is a must. 

However, if you make the decision to choose one, some doubts may come: is it really the best option for your situation? Does the tool have all the capabilities I may need? Is the customization enough?

Even if you have picked the seemingly perfect survey tool, there is an endless sea of options. And it’s good to compare at least a few of them – maybe your survey tool is just behind the corner.

We’re here to cut through the noise with a curated list of SurveyPlanet alternatives. All to save you time and hassle.

What is Surveyplanet?

SurveyPlanet is a platform for creating online surveys. Users can design surveys, share them, and analyze results with a set of tools. 

Survey Planet - one of the online survey tools

Features include custom themes, image uploads, a responsive layout for mobile devices, and support for multiple languages. The software lets users create unlimited surveys, questions, and responses for free, with additional features available for Pro users. 

Surveyplanet: best features

See the strong suits of this online survey tool.

Question branching 

You can create question branches or skip logic to control the survey questions. For example, you decide which questions are displayed to the participants based on their previous answers.

Pre-written questions

Users can start with pre-written questions if they don’t want to create the online survey from scratch. There are also survey templates to choose from. 

Unlimited surveys and responses

Surveyplanet allows users to create as many surveys as they want with unlimited responses. People can gather lots of feedback without worrying about limits. 

Custom themes and visual elements

The tool provides options to make surveys look good with custom themes and visual elements. Users can make their surveys match their style or brand. Available only in paid plans.

Multiple question types

With various question types available, creators can make their surveys engaging and tailored to the information they need. Useful in getting diverse feedback.

User-friendly survey design

Surveyplanet has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for anyone to design and customize surveys. Even without technical skills, creating a survey is straightforward.

Data analysis and export options

After collecting responses, Surveyplanet gives users tools for analyzing the survey data. Users can view results in different formats and export them for further analysis.

Who is it Surveyplanet best for?

Surveyplanet suggests that its software is best suited for: 

  • the research market
  • education institutions
  • customer feedback
  • healthcare surveys
  • information collection in public sectors

Due to the free plan, individuals who are just starting in surveying may also benefit from the tool.

Surveyplanet pricing

There are three plans to choose from:


The plan includes very basic features such as unlimited surveys, questions, and responses. It gives users access to survey themes and multiple question types but limits users to only two survey player types. Custom themes are not available, which limits survey personalization.


Priced at $20 per month, unlocks all features. It includes custom themes, exporting data, uploading images, and branching questions. The Pro plan is suited to users looking for advanced survey customization and analysis tools. But there are no custom URLs, nor insights provided.


For larger organizations (businesses that need a lot of surveys and have specific needs), Surveyplanet is available with an Enterprise plan. You’ll get better security, help from the Surveyplanet team, and options for customizing surveys to fit big groups. 

Why you should look for alternatives? Surveyplanet challenges 

Before choosing the tool, go through the reviews. It’s a gold mine of insights from people who actually use it. We’ve gathered the most valuable feedback on Surveyplanet:

Language options are limited – It is possible to create surveys in 30 languages, but it lacks Spanish. 

Source: G2.

Customization is limited – There’s not much freedom to change how the surveys look, so they might not match your style or branding perfectly.

Source: G2.

Organizing surveys is difficult – You can’t put surveys into folders, which makes it tricky to keep things tidy, especially if you have many surveys.

Source: G2.

Finding specific features can be hard – Some users find the interface confusing, making it tough to locate certain options or settings.

Source: G2.

Exporting data isn’t as detailed as some would like – The options for exporting survey results could be better, for instance, for those wanting professional-looking reports.

Source: G2.

Best alternatives to Surveyplanet survey software

Not quite certain about what Surveyplanet offers? Check out other online survey tools. ⬇️

01 Surveylab

It is one of the survey platforms that lets users make and analyze surveys. They’re easily sharable, and customizable.

Surveylab - online survey tool, an alternative to Surveyplanet

Best for:

  • businesses of any type 
  • researchers
  • educators
  • marketers

Top features and strong suits

  • Custom survey design lets you make surveys that are eye-catching and match your style, so it is more fun for people to fill out.
  • Mobile optimization guarantees your surveys look and work great on all devices. Then, it’s easier to increase the reach and accessibility for respondents on the go.
  • Advanced analytics turns your data into clear insights, and helps you understand what people really think and make smart moves.
  • Question logic makes the survey experience more relevant to each participant by adapting future questions based on previous responses.
  • Real-time results offer the advantage of immediate feedback. You see what people say as they say it, so you can react fast and keep up with what’s happening.
  • Excellent customer service takes care of every question and requests you might have.

User’s opinions

  • People find it simple to make and share surveys, which is great for anyone, even if you’re not a tech expert.

Source: G2.

  • It supports many languages, so more people from different parts of the world can understand and answer surveys.

Source: G2.

  • It’s easy for respondents to fill out surveys.

Source: G2.

  • Being able to connect with CRM systems helps businesses get the most out of survey results.

Source: G2.


Pricing starts at $40/month. There is both a free plan and a free trial. Also, with a 12-month subscription, you will automatically get 20% off.

02 Strawpoll

StrawPoll is a survey platform for creating surveys and sharing them quickly. It’s straightforward and popular for informal votes.

StrawPoll - online survey tool, an alternative to Surveyplanet

Best for:

  • Event organizers
  • Teachers for class feedback
  • Friends making group decisions
  • Teams in workplaces

Top features and strong suits:

  • Easy to use
  • Anonymity options
  • Real-time results


  • Limited customization might not meet complex needs.
  • Results aren’t scientifically valid, so they might not reflect broader opinions.
  • Security concerns have been raised.
  • Lacks advanced features for detailed analytics.


Starts at €5.90/month. There is a free plan.

03 Jotform

If you want to create custom forms and collect data easily, Jotform is one of the options to check out. It’s suitable for individuals and businesses who need to gather information.

Jotforms - online survey tool, an alternative to Surveyplanet

Best for:

  • Small businesses
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Event organizers

Top features and strong suits:

  • Customizable form templates
  • Integrations with other platforms
  • Conditional logic for dynamic forms


  • The free plan has limited customization, so it’s hard to match specific branding or needs fully.
  • Its pricing might be high for small businesses needing more features.
  • Submission limits could restrict growing businesses.
  • Small file upload size may not suit forms requiring large files.
  • Basic reporting features might not be enough for detailed analysis.


Starts at $39/month with a free plan available.

04 Typeform

Typeform is an online tool that helps people make new surveys for many uses. It’s straightforward and makes talking to respondents more like a chat. 

Typeform - online survey tool, an alternative to Surveyplanet

Best for:

  • Small business owners
  • Teachers
  • Event planners
  • Marketers

Top features and strong suits:

  • Customizable forms
  • Easy to share survey
  • Real-time response analysis


  • The free version has limits, like fewer design options.
  • Some users find advanced features a bit tricky.
  • Not all third-party tools work with it, which can be a hassle.
  • The price might be too much for just basic use.


Starts at €25/month. There’s a free plan, but very limited. 

05 SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a survey platform that lets users create and run online surveys and polls. It’s widely used for market research, customer feedback, and more.  Software is user-friendly and popular across various sectors.

SurveyMonkey - online survey tool, an alternative to Surveyplanet

Best for:

  • Any business type: marketing, HR, research, product, and more
  • Researchers
  • Individuals

Top features and strong suits:

  • Variety of question types
  • AI-support
  • Easy embedding on your own website


  • The basic plan might lack advanced features, limiting the ability to evaluate detailed insights.
  • High-tier plans can make this an expensive small business tool that could potentially strain budgets.
  • The submission limit could restrict survey campaigns.
  • Customization and advanced analytics are mainly reserved for higher-tier plans.
  • Consider pricing plans carefully so you get the best deal.


Offers a free, basic plan. Paid plans start at $25 per user/month for team features.

06 Google Forms

Google Forms is a free tool integrated with Google Workspace, allowing users to create forms for various needs like surveys and quizzes. It’s user-friendly, making it easy to gather data and analyze it.

Google Form maker - alternative to Surveyplanet

Best for:

  • Educators
  • Small businesses
  • Event organizers

Top features and strong suits:

  • Integration with Google Sheets
  • Customizable templates
  • Easy to share surveys
  • Offline surveys


  • Limited features might not meet all company needs
  • Basic analytical tools might not be enough for complex data analysis


Free for personal use, $12/user/month for business accounts.

07 Microsoft Forms

As part of the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Forms is a tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls. It’s designed to be intuitive, supporting quick setup and collection of responses from more respondents.

Microsoft Forms - online survey tool, an alternative to Surveyplanet

Best for:

  • Educators and students
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Non-profit organizations

Top features and strong suits:

  • Smooth integration with Microsoft products
  • AI support
  • Real-time charts of the survey results


  • Limited features for advanced survey needs 
  • Basic analytical tools
  • Potential integration issues with non-Microsoft products


Starts at $6/user/month. No free plan, but there’s a free trial for one month.


For those looking for software that matches both their budget and needs, while still pondering their options, our top suggestion is SurveyLab. 

It stands out for its ease of use and comprehensive features. 

Ready to take your survey game to the next level? Sign in to SurveyLab and see the difference for yourself.

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